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noir - Specs Case / Stationery Case Earthen Hue

noir - Specs Case / Stationery Case Earthen Hue

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It’s no mess!
Glasses are always fragile. If they are not on you, they are always in danger. If your pen is not with you,
then it has been forgotten at the desk. Don’t need to spend much time on looking for your specs or
pens as the NOIR case certainly stands out. A great way to keep yourself stylishly decluttered, this
minimal looking accessory is going to surely strain others eyes! Push your glares or stationery into this
genuine leather case made with no stitches.
Your clever NOIR case is designed by just folding and securing it with rivets and fasteners. Carry it on
your hand or slip it into your bag, you will always be able to find what you want.


One main compartment
Fits one Eyeglass / 5 to 8 Pens
Handcrafted and Durable
Hand dyed




6 x 15 x 2 cm Approximately

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