Leather Care

From Us, To You!

As they make their way from us to you, we ensure our products are handled with love and care along every step of the way.

We’re sure you will find yourself admiring, and caring for your products as just passionately as we do.

From our years of experience, here’s a handy guide we’ve put together on how to look after your most treasured pieces:


Storing your leather appropriately is one of the easiest ways you can prevent damage and preserve the gorgeous finish of your products:

Store leather away from direct sunlight. Too much sun can cause fading

Store handbags in a dust bag to avoid scratches

Avoid using plastic bags, as they prevent leather from access to good ventilation. Improper ventilation can cause mould to form.

Do not fold leather, always roll it up to prevent creases and retain it’s smooth finish.

Daily Care:

Leather is a skin, and it can stretch. Do not stuff your handbag, purse or wallet. Overstuffing it can cause it to lose its original shape, form and silhouette

Take extra care with leather items you use often. Take some time out each week, put on some of your favourite jazz and spend some time wiping away dust and spots from you leather products a soft cloth or brush

Scratches can take away from a flawlessly crafted piece. Take care to avoid contact with heavily embellished clothes, sharp surfaces, or chunky jewellery when you are out and about.

Wet leather requires extra care, so if rain is forecast, remember to take an umbrella.



When it comes to cleaning leather - the golden rule is:

Be Gentle:

Clean Carefully:

Use either water or a cleaning solution designed specifically for leather. (Here are some of our favourites <redirect to blog post>). You might find home-remedies or DIY solutions such as Vinegar, Lemon Juice, but these can often be a hit-and-miss depending on what type of leather it is that you’re dealing with.


Treat Stains Immediately:

The best way to deal with liquid stains on leather is to address them right away. You must remove as much moisture as possible by blotting with a soft cloth.

 Then, dab the area with a soft, damp cloth (use warm water—no soap). You can also apply some leather cleaner—but if you're using a product that comes in a spray bottle, make sure you spray it onto the cloth first rather than directly onto the surface of the leather. Don't rub, or you could leave a water stain. Simply blot again with a dry cloth.


Use a leather conditioner to restore moisture. (Here’s one we recommend).Grab a brush, sponge or microfiber cloth and gently rub the leather conditioner into your leather with a circular motion using a brush, sponge, or microfiber cloth.

Dry Clean:

Sometimes, the more difficult stains such as ink or make-up might need to be addressed by a professional. Trust your instincts, and if you think something is serious, your product might need to bring in a professional and have your leather dry-cleaned.

Give it Time: Time can heal a lot of wounds. Good quality leather is sturdy and durable. Sometimes, just letting the leather absorb the stain is the best way to go. Although, this might take weeks or even months.