For Love. For Leather.

Everything we do, we do in our pursuit of perfection.

Uncompromising. Unapologetic. Unwavering.

At the very core of our being is the idea that great ergonomic design paired with unmatched craftsmanship and the highest quality materials result in a product that surpasses every expectation.

Quite frankly a quality product that we deserve, but have been denied most of our lives.

“When we couldn’t find the best, we made it.”

This ethos carries through every product we make. It is in every seam, every stitch, every fibre, and every crease.

Pushing the frontier of handcrafted leather goods and building an ecosystem that allows it to be a premium, luxury product is what possesses us and compels us.

It is our obsession that makes us who we are.

Form & Function

You are at the centre of every design decision we make. Our design philosophy is to create products that work for you. Design that is ergonomic, practical, and intuitive. And, of course, looking exceedingly beautiful while doing all of this.

Heritage Meets Modernity

There is a timelessness to leather. A heritage that makes it iconic. And we are extremely respectful of its history and tradition. Our designs (and the techniques we employ) are homages to the classics. They build off them, and we let creativity take its course from there on out. Modern reimaginations of the titans.

Built To (Out)Last

Leather ages like fine wine. In fact, they should say that wine ages like fine leather. We want our products to be heirlooms. We design them to be passed down. To transcend generations. To survive. And to look stunning for life.

Craft & Beyond

We work with local artisans who have been doing this for generations. Perfection is in their blood. These karigars are the soul of our brand. Their dedication to their craft is the stuff of legends. Our relationship with them is that of respect and awe and fairness.

What Goes In

We source the best of the best. Leather, cotton, threads, dyes, metals, alloys - just about everything is sourced from around the country to ensure the highest standards of quality are met. Beyond which, there are quality checks (and double checks and triple checks) every step of the way. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


We strive to create a living, breathing ecosystem that is not just environmentally conscious but truly sustainable. As much as possible, we source from organic, sustainable farms. This is an ever-expanding endeavour.

And all of this comes together to create handcrafted products that are of unmatched quality. Extremely premium, thoughtful, and just effortlessly beautiful.