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sobo classic - cigarette case with lighter Emerald Sea

sobo classic - cigarette case with lighter Emerald Sea

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Statutory warning*
Why to carry smokes smashed in our side pockets and lighter in our bag? Switch to the super stylish
cigarette case which is a perfect home to carry your smokes as well as your lighter. No more hiding your
ugly picture pack of ciggis or lighter when you have an urbane option to slip it in.
Be in two, four or ten in a pack, push it into this one made from genuine leather case which uses no
stitching! Your clever case is designed by just folding, using stitch details as accents and securing it with
rivets and fasteners. Comes in two earthy shades, it is portable and easy to carry. Find your smokes and
lighter at one single place.
Use it or gift it, keep calm and light up!


Two compartments for Pack & Lighter
Fits pack of 20 Cigarettes
Handcrafted and Durable
Hand dyed




7.5 x 9.5 x 3

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