Leather Gifts for the Festive Season

Leather Gifts for the Festive Season

 Leather is a durable, and noble material that everyone loves. To kickstart the festive season - here’s a list of leather products you can give your friends, family and loved ones.

Leather is the gift that keeps on giving. As your leather products age, change and grow with time just like your relationships.

Here’s a curated list of perfect leather gifts for the lovable characters in your life.


For the worker-bees

For the friend who has their head buried in their desk. Who brings their work home, takes it out to lunch, sleeps with it, and takes it practically everywhere else.

Try gifting them something that can help them stay organized for all their business dinners (and regular dinners which are invariably hijacked by work).

Opt for gift ideas such as a wallet, mousepad, card case, a briefcase or a desk mat.


For the Travellers

Travellers cherish keepsakes, stories and memories. Choose from items such as leather sling bags, a travel or toiletry kit, a passport cover, or a utility bag. Or maybe even a diary to keep a record of their misadventures on the road.


For someone organized (or in need of organization)

There’s nothing better than offering a leather wallet with an integrated organization system, a tote bag or any other leather accessory that will keep them organized throughout the day. Backpacks with outside and inside pockets will allow for a better organization as well as having a separate location for each of their personal items. You can’t go wrong with this one.


For this person who likes to be elegant for any occasion

A leather belt, pen case or sling bag are accessories for those with fine taste. This is a perfect gift idea for those who value a great aesthetic.

If you’re considering leather as a gift for your significant other - look no further. According to the tradition, leather is a symbolic gift to commemorate relationships as the qualities of leather are often compared to marriage; durable, strong, and beautifying with age.


For The Impossible One

We all have that one person who it’s impossible to shop for. You know who we’re talking about - they’re eccentric, and quirky with a heart of gold. Their house is a curated hodgepodge of trinkets from all over the world. You know what they’d like, but you have no idea where to find it?

 Have a look at our Wild & Humble Collection for designs that are vibrant, fun and heartfelt.  


Whether it’s a gift for your loved ones, a business partner or clients - we’ve got you covered. Give a loved one a personal accessory of the highest quality and finish - pick something from our Products section here. We promise, you won’t regret it :)

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